Why Does The Food We Eat Matter?

When I was in engineering school, one of the subjects I loved most was chemistry, especially being in the lab.  The pH scale was one of the very first things we reviewed in school. It definitely had to do with so many chemical reactions. Today, looking at our bodies and trying to understand how they work best, I come back to this same concept, pH.  

The pH scale ranges from 0-14. The lower the number the less acidic is in the environment. 7 is considered neutral and anything higher than that is considered alkaline.


Why is this relevant?

Our bodies are designed to flourish and thrive in an alkaline state.  Foods, toxins, and environments that are not alkaline interrupt this.  On the other hand, having our bodies in an alkaline environment can help reverse disease.

This example will be better to explain what an acid environment can do.

For instance, our blood works at an optimal pH of 7.4. If you’re consuming food, alcohol, or are exposed to other toxins that are affecting this, then the body will auto-compensate for this not to happen. The body will pull calcium from the bones to keep the pH in our blood within range, at the expense of exposing us to osteoporosis, lacking vitamin D, and/or generating kidney disorders.

How do I recognize food or a product that is alkaline?

Most of the time food that has 3 or 4 ingredients is alkaline.  Always keep in mind that the fewer ingredients in the product, the less processed it is. Making it better for you. This is why it is truly important to read the ingredient list of the products you buy at your local grocery store.


Why does the food we eat matter?

Let’s think and become alkaline!

Becoming alkaline is much more than just what we eat.  When you start eating and taking care of the things that affect your pH an extraordinary effect will quickly come in. Things like anxiety, depression, body shaming, and negative thoughts will start to fade.

You will begin to fall in love with yourself. In doing so, you will definitely want to remove more substances and be more careful and smarter of your food choices. But, also you will want to remove anything you consider toxic; substances, people, relationships, amongst others.