9 Anti – inflammatory foods I eat every week
It is of great importance to try and have our body with the minor inflammation possible. Inflammation is not evil, per se. It has a significant role in your  immune system. “Acute Inflammation”
is how your immune system keeps your body safe and healthy.  It is how your body fights invaders that may cause infection and being a part of the healing process.
However, the problem is when you have “chronic inflammation.”  If you have diabetes, gut disorders, auto-immune diseases, or any other inflammatory condition managing what you eat and lifestyle are the two best ways to keep chronic inflammation under control.
The food you eat can fuel or decrease the inflammation in your body.  This is why it is crucial to understand that there are foods that harm your health and others that boost your overall wellness.
Anti-inflammatory foods are simple ingredients that reduce inflammation in your body that doctors agree we need to eat more.
So I stay away from Inflammatory foods such as sugar, refined carbohydrates (bread, cookies), alcohol, processed foods (burgers, waffles, fries, chips, pizza), and industrial seed oils- that is, anything but natural (for example, canola oil).
Over the years, I have learned to eat the foods that make me feel my best and that science proofs to be fair and reduce INFLAMMATION.
 These are my KEY anti-inflammatory foods I eat every week.
If you are interested in knowing why they are anti-inflammatory & how to incorporate them in your every day easily. Leave me, emoji, and I would love to share.