Hi, I'm Maria Liguori, a certified Holistic Health Coach, Environmental Engineer, run-lover, wife, mom to 3 kids & Lola, my dog, and founder of MARIA LIGUORI.

It's nice to meet you!

I believe you deserve the opportunity to build the vibrantly healthy life you want to live. I have founded ML to share insights, ideas, and inspiration through my story, recipes, and wellness articles and tips.

In my late 30's, I started my journey to living a healthier life by learning how to have a real relationship with myself, including trust, love, compassion, and care. I stopped trying to fix myself with the next fad diet, punishing workouts, or a jam-packed calendar and instead permitted myself to answer the question, "What do I need?" "How can I feel better?" “How can I make it sustainable for myself?“.

I started learning facts about food and took action. Everything clicked, that "AHA" moment when I understood the value of upgrading my “diet” and lifestyle. Food should make you feel your best.

My approach to a healthier life is simple. However, it's not just about the food you put in your body; it's also about other areas in your life, such as your movement, relationships, purpose, and self-care, being aware and taking responsibility for our global environment.

ML is space for women, just like you, who want to live a healthier life. At ML, our goal is to help you heal your relationship with food and body image and put knowledge into action so that you can begin to embrace your beautifully imperfect life in a meaningful, healthy and sustainable way.

When was the last time you learned something that truly made a positive impact on your health and lifestyle? Let me be part of your transformation, we can do this together.

Your tomorrow is about to get very real. Let’s get to work!

Our mission

Provide you with knowledge to empower you, by helping you build mindful habits that will lead you to live a healthy, balanced, sustainable lifestyle.

Our Purpose

“Empowering women to honor their bio-individuality, to prioritize their health and well-being, in an environmentally responsible way!”

  • Let’s change the way we see health. Everything starts with the right mindset. It is not about “luck”.

  • You build your lifestyle with your thoughts and your actions every single day.

  • So, create a lifestyle that you love and a future you won’t want to miss. Start nourishing your mind and body today.

  • Change is a process that requires consistency, perseverance, and commitment.

  • Have a "positive" and "I can" attitude. This journey starts and ends with you.

Our Pillars


Create a life you can't wait to wake up to.
Self-love and self-care will provide you the inner strength to help you fulfill your purpose in life. Treat yourself with kindness, love, and respect. Taking care of yourself helps
you thrive in other areas of your life.
Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes directly impact our daily choices
and lead our life with excitement.

ML'sgoal is to help you live a life centered on your WHY in a body you feel comfortable.

Our Pillars


Connection is a core human need.
Craft the life you want to be surrounded by deepening your relationships with others. We are social animals and need to be involved and connected to other people. Relationships are a vital component of our overall health; therefore, invest in nourishing meaningful and healthy relationships.

ML's goal is to build a community that will give you a sense of belonging to share your needs, concerns and support others.

Our Pillars


We are what we eat and how we move.
Food and Exercise are essential to living a healthy life. Food nourishes us on a cellular level; learn about food and how it contributes to your body. Moving is good for our physical health and our mental health. In many cases, doing physical activity can be more effective than any pharmaceutical treatment.

ML's goal is to help you choose the food and find joy in movement that will make you feel vibrant and energized!

Our Pillars


Live a Sustainable Life.
Environmental factors impact our wellbeing, known as toxins. We impact our environment with the choices we make and the actions we take.

ML's goal is to create awareness of our responsibility to protect our environment's health. The health of the planet is inextricably linked to our well-being.

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